Complete the following table

1. The most difficult motor task will bewasMovement around my home and getting around town will be difficult due to lack of vision. I will not be able to drive anywhere, which will mean walking instead, which will also be difficult.The most difficult task was movement and navigation. I found this to be very difficult even with prior knowledge of the area I was in during this test.2. I willdid rely on this sense mostI feel I will rely on my sense of touch instead of my vision, because I will have to feel for things instead of looking at them. It is the most useful sense in this respect, as other senses will not help me identify or use as many things as my sense of touch.I did actually rely on touch for the majority of activities carried out during this test, except for specific times when I was listening to music or eating.3. It will taketook me this much time to adjust to the situation.This will take me a while, maybe an hour or more to adjust to the lack of vision. I anticipate that my lack of vision will improve my other senses after a while.It took me a very long time, over 3 hours to slightly adjust to the lack of vision. This is longer than anticipated.4. These might bewere some sources of anxietyBeing blind and not being able to see unexpected things or events coming may be a source of anxiety.Most activities that were performed were a source of anxiety because I have never carried out these activities blind before.5. These might bewere some sources of gratificationEating and listening to music will be a source of gratification, as my senses in these two areas may be heightened by the lack of vision. My taste and hearing senses will be stimulated more due to the lack of vision.Eating and listening to music were the sources of gratification I had expected. They were carried out whilst not doing any other activities and the senses used provided me with some relaxation during this experiment.The anticipated experiences compared to the actual experiences did not differ very much. I felt that I was more anxious than I thought I would be, before the experiment was tried, and that it took me a very long time for my body to adapt to the lack of vision. I felt like I was getting angry with myself when I tried to make my lunch without seeing anything. Even after 3 or 4 hours I felt very exhausted and nervous about what was happening around me, which I felt at the start would not be an issue. I was wrong about the feelings I had, however the motor skills that I thought might present a problem were quite easily overcome.

Eating did prove to be difficult at first, co-ordination between hand and mouth proved quite tricky to master at first however with some practice this became fairly straightforward. Not being able to see the food or how much to attempt to eat proved to be messy however was not too difficult to master reasonably quickly. I made my food with too much salt and pepper due to not seeing the amount I was adding.

Food tasted slightly different, due to the other senses trying to make up for the lack of vision. Food seemed to taste more flavorsome and more delicious than I had thought, however a good test of this would be to eat the same thing with sight, and then with vision removed. This may be due to the extra salt and pepper that I put in to the food during lunch.

I felt very anxious as soon as the blindfold had been applied, and I had this feeling for a few hours. I was feeling around for things all the time. The sudden loss of vision made my heart rate increase, and I became more nervous and cautious about everything that I did from that point onwards. I did not want to try anything that might have been dangerous for me or other people.

I felt that all of my other senses were being overloaded due to the lack of vision, and the fact that my body was trying to compensate for the loss of one sense. I thought I was hearing things that were not real.

No difficulties were encountered in understanding other people or expressing my thoughts to other people, except for a slight increase in my heart rate and being slightly about other peoples whereabouts when they were talking to me. I talked with my friends as normal, except for the blindfold, which was strange for them.


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