Article Review

The article entitled Gasoline Prices Rise Slightly in California and most of US, which is written by Ronald White, talks about the increase in the regular gasolines average price in California and in most areas in the United States. The increase amounted to 2.1 cents that raised the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline to 3.139. The author considered the corresponding events actions from different stakeholders that affected or are related to the price of gasoline.

The contents of the article are effectively summarized through the title and the first few sentences in the beginning paragraph. However, the author did not succeed in maintaining coherence and organization of thoughts throughout the body. The discussion of ideas did not flow from one point to another related point because the author lacked a clear thesis for the succeeding paragraphs. In addition to this, the information provided is insufficient and would not fully allow the readers to make informed judgments regarding the arguments presented in the article. For example, the author forgot to mention the period for which the increase applied to and the time period to which it has affected.

The article is successful in informing readers about the presence of an increase in the average price of regular gasoline. However, it also has weaknesses in terms of coherence and specificity. More specifically, the article failed to provide the readers with a continuous flow of sufficient ideas.


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