Mens Preoccupation with Penis Size

A mans manhood has been considered his pride and joy for centuries. It is said that the one way to break a mans spirit is to make a mockery of his manhood, his penis size to be exact. One of the main reasons that men have become preoccupied with their penis size is the perception put into place by their female counterparts, many of whom believe that bigger is better. The preoccupation with penis size has become such a common topic that a number of myths to determine a mans penis size without actually seeing it. The first one is dependent on the size of a mans hands where it is said the bigger the hands, the bigger the penis. It has also been claimed that a man with a bigger shoe size is guaranteed to have a larger than average penis. The female claim to this theory is the fact that it offers more pleasure during sexual intercourse. There has also been the perception that ones penis size is dependent on geographic factors, with those of African descent having the largest and those of Asian descent having the smallest. The obsession with penis size has also been fueled by the media and pop culture as seen in advertising and the media in general, which is why women have subconsciously taken on that perception. For example, condom advertisements have been said to be in favor of men with large penises. This is considered an unfair advantage over those with smaller penis sizes as they are pressured to work harder to prove to a woman that they are just as competent as their larger counterparts.

When it comes to the disadvantages of having a small penis, the only one that has come into light is, as initially stated, is the fact that females prefer a larger sized penis over a smaller one. According to the human body, a females erogenous zone when it comes to sexual intercourse is found in the first third of the vaginal cavity and this is because the nerve supply is located there. So is it safe to say that the smaller the penis, the better the sexual experience Well, yes and no yes because a smaller penis may be advantageous in stimulating this vital part of the vagina. However, this does not guarantee a fulfilling sexual experience at all times. This is where a man who is well endowed has an advantage because many women believe that a man who is sexually experienced, penis size notwithstanding, can offer sexual satisfaction.

In as much as a small penis could turn off a woman that prefers a man with a large penis, there is definitely a thing such as too large a penis. This is because a large penis can loosen and caused damage to the vagina. A large penis can also bring about an uncomfortable sexual experience as the strain to the vagina and repetitive penetration can cause pain and discomfort. On the side of the man with an extremely large penis, it can bring about health issues as the blood flow to handle an erection may be too much for the body to handle. While most men love the attention they get from having their penis visible through their clothes, it can be uncomfortable when it comes to wearing tight-fitting gear such as a swimsuit or a pair of briefs.

Men as the Sexually Experienced Gender
From time immemorial, men have been pressured to be automatically sexually experienced, and this is because if their performance comes short, then the female counterparts in that given sexual experience are bound to announce their negative reviews to the most critical group in society their girlfriends. They also expect men to be the ones to initiate the chase and follow it through to the end with the precision and romance seen in films and on television. It had been, for a long time, seen as the order of things for the man to approach the woman, a scenario that has since reversed as the females have become more empowered and are now going after their object of desire. For a long time, men have been considered the king of their caste for being able to rein in as many sexual partners as possible, while women that attempt the same are considered promiscuous and are viewed in a negative light.

Through this stereotype, the misconstrued theory that when a woman says no, it really means yes came to be. This is because men, as the natural predators, have been led to believe that the female enjoys the chase and will never admit to being interested until the man proves himself to be worthy. There have been countless cases of date rape and assault because some men will not take no for an answer and believe that conquering the female is the ultimate goal, no matter what it takes. The pressure on men to be sexperts has caused many men to engage in promiscuous activities. This means that they will strive to sleep with as many women as possible so as to not only gain experience but also a reputation as well as being considered by his peers as a sex machine. The main setback with this plan is that it puts those involved at risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases as well as unplanned pregnancies.

The portrayal of the ideal man physically and otherwise by the media and society has driven men to engage in a number of physique altering measures. To begin with, the idea sexual being has been portrayed as muscular and well-built. It is for this reason that men will risk their health by taking on strenuous workout session as well as taking steroids and muscle enhancing drugs so as to gain that bodybuilder frame. Some of these drugs and supplements have been considered a health risk by the FDA and other health authorities but due to pressure from society, many men will still take them to acquire the desired results in record time.

The pressure to be more sexually experience also ties in with the perception that penis size and high sexual performance are a requirement for a successful sexual relationship. This means that men will use means like pumps that have been said to enlarge the penis and will also take drugs like Viagra so as to fulfill the womans sexual needs. Some claims have been made that taking hard drugs like cocaine, heroin and even marijuana helps in maintaining an erection and high sexual performance, which means that those that resort to these measures could be ruined not only physically but psychologically as well.

The porn industry is also to blame for the pressures put on men to put their best foot forward at all times when it comes to sexual intercourse. This is because there are a great number of people that will want to attempt what they see in these films so as to prove their sexual prowess. The downside to watching pornography is that one could get addicted to them and could cause a major strain in relationships.

It is important to note that relationships built on more than just sex are more successful and those involved should be able to freely discuss this aspect of their relationship and in that way, both parties can move ahead knowing that they can be comfortable during intercourse.

Icons and their HIV status
It was in 1991 when basketball great Magic Johnson publicly declared his HIV positive status to the world. This is not to say that he was the only one that had this life-threatening disease, but he was the first to let the world know. Others included NWA rapper, Eric Easy E Wright and rock band Queens front man, Freddie Mercury but there condition was known when their deaths came to pass.

Celebrities and role models in the music, film, business and any other industries are considered to be indestructible by their fans and followers and the discovery that a disease like AIDS can affect them is considered to be a devastating blow.

HIV is a disease that is not only transmitted through unsafe sexual activity, but it is also transmitted through sharing needles and transfer of bodily fluid from those already affected. Many celebrities have been drug addicts which means that there may be times that they will share needles as well as other paraphernalia to ingest these drugs. This is one way that they can actually catch this virus. Exchange of bodily fluids means that any fluid found in the body like saliva, blood, semen and so on, of a sick person that is transferred to a healthy person can also cause the spread of the disease. Another way that HIV is transmitted is from a sick mother to her unborn child. Thanks to advances in health and science, this is a condition that can be tackled at an early stage but there are those that may still be born with it.

Many people have been led to believe that it is only through unprotected sex that one can catch the HIV virus and it would be easy to assume that this is the only way that celebrities would be exposed to this disease. This is because with the celebrity status comes worship and admiration from many, some of who will offer up their bodies as a sign of loyalty. An initial reaction to finding out that a celebrity that one looks up to is HIV positive is the fact that one will lose their respect and admiration for them because they are not as invincible as many make them out to be. It will make a fan judge them in a negative light and will even be the first to criticize them. It is then important to actually know and learn how they may have gotten the disease. One may not look at them in the same way they did but it will shed some light on the situation.

Regardless of how a celebrity, icon or any other person catches the disease, it is meant to serve as a lesson to all. It will teach people to be more careful and safe during sexual intercourse. This means that protection like condoms is an absolute must. It is also important to earn that one should not have many sexual partners. One should be sure to be regularly tested and must know that HIV status of their partner so as to avoid the spread of AIDS. Females who may have the virus should avoid getting pregnant and should they be pregnant, they must exercise caution so as to ensure the child is born free of the virus.

Celebrities and those in high society have high-end doctors, drugs and medical procedures at their disposal, which is why people should be aware of the disease and how it can affect ones lifestyle. If my favorite icon was diagnosed with AIDS, then it would be a definite wakeup call that will teach me to engage in safe sex, stick to one sexual partner, get regular tests done to be safe and sure and also avoid situations where suspicious bodily fluid exchange could be a risk. This means that one should stay away from drugs and reckless behavior as well as ensure that any blood transfusions and donations are undertaken at credible and well-known health institutions so as to avoid accidental transmission of the disease. I would respect a public figure that openly declares their positive status as this means that they wish to show the world that anyone can catch the virus if not careful and is not restricted to class, race, sexual orientation or geographic location.

Should Condom Advertising be Banned
Condoms have been considered to be the worlds answer to safe sex. This is because it will not only protect from unwanted pregnancies, but they also protect partners from transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. Condom advertisements have been banned from televisions as they have been considered by those of the older generation as an encouragement for young people to have sex as long as a condom is present as well as promoting promiscuity and underage sex. It is interesting to note, however, that there are advertisements shown for sexually transmitted disease medication.

Religious leaders and parents at large have been proposing that abstinence should be the ultimate goal when it comes to sex education. It is believed that by showing these condom advertisements that abstinence is being placed on the back burner. Sex has, for a long time, been considered a taboo topic and it has mostly been left by the parents and guardians to the education system, religious institutions and even the media to teach the youth about sex. This may be one of the reasons why many parents are unable to cope with situations where their offspring get pregnant or get sexually transmitted diseases.

In many nations, condom advertisements have been cautiously accepted but they can only be shown on late night television so as to avoid the young from seeing these advertisements. In my opinion, covering it up only makes things worse and it is important that these advertisements are shown. These advertisements could actually be an interesting place to start having a talk with the youth about sex. Due to changing times and change in family values because of society, abstinence is a hard sell and it is instead important to teach the youth the importance of safe sex. In that way, should they decide to engage in sexual activity, they will not be at risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases as well as getting pregnant.

It is not acceptable to allow herpes advertisements to be broadcast yet condom ads are frowned upon. If anything, the probable lack of condoms in the picture is the reason why the herpes medication is now needed. To avoid paying a lot of money to get rid of these diseases, it is only reasonable and fair to let condoms play a big part in sex education through the media.

What is most disturbing is the fact that the media glorify sex and other ill of our society. Many believe that they do not wish to show these sobering images of condom advertising because it goes against what they are promoting and this is the fact that sex sells. If the advertisements are in good taste and in no way promote irregular sexual behavior, then it is only fair that it is shown. Many of these advertisements are mostly created to target adolescents as they are the most curious and if not checked, most reckless. Many religious groups insist that the funds used to promote condom campaigns should be instead put into raising awareness about cancer and other life-threatening conditions. What is mostly overlooked is that AIDS is an incurable disease, as compared to cancer, and it should also be given the same airtime as these other disease.

In the end, it is all about the packaging. If the advertisements seem to be promoting promiscuity, then by all means ban them. However, if the condom advertisements are geared towards promoting safe sex as well as letting the public know their real value, then it should definitely be made public through advertising. It should not be shown when those under a certain age are likely to be watching television, but it should also not just be shown after primetime because it is important that as many relevant groups like married couples, the youth and those that are generally sexually active will be able to view it.


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