Human Sexuality

Sexuality coexists with the human body. It includes a variety of topics that cover the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human body. If we turn back the hands of time, human sexuality is depicted in almost anything arts, literature, paintings, and even politics. Prehistoric times played a major role about how people perceive sexuality nowadays. The phallic symbol as well as the idea of incest is said to be some of their major contributions.  The idea of bisexual and man-to-man relationship can also be traced back during the Ancient Greeks. Philosophy, ethics, and religion also paid attention to the uprising issues about sexuality which focuses on the roles of women and sexual practices before and after marriage. Since sexuality is considered as a major issue, several legal laws are imposed regarding the acceptable sexual behavior in the past. Nevertheless, there are still sexual practices that are unacceptable.

Seizing this course about sexuality brought light to my clouded thoughts. As I try to recollect the topics and the discussions the class addressed while taking this subject, I began to realize that something has changed within me. Questions were supplied with answers and clouded ideas became vivid and clear.
Valuing one s life is the major schema I acquired when we began discussing the topic about pregnancy. I can now say that it is the most precious thing that can happen between couples. It is a bad thing that there are still people in this world who engaged themselves in the practice of abortion despite the risk it imposes on their health. The discussion about pregnancy makes me love my mother more. Since she is very cautious in taking care of me in her womb for nine months, I was born healthy and free of any genetic disorders. I am able to do what a normal person can do, and do things according to my will.

Understanding the Oedipal complex proposed by Sigmund Freud made me understand why certain people become homosexuals. My negative outlook towards the gay people changed and instigated the idea that their personality is due to several factors such as the environment and the critical role model they tend to imitate during toddlerhood. Although homosexuality is associated with AIDS, the disease is not limited to this group of people but to the heterosexuals as well. It is a good thing that there are available contraceptives. However, not all contraceptives are effective against AIDS. The fact that there are still means of acquiring such incurable disease made me more cautious about my sexuality and habits. I have learned to value the act of sex for not all people is fortunate enough to have a normal sex life. Some diseases or incapacitation hinder their ability to engage in such activity. Safe sex must be advocated through the use of condoms during fornication. Know your partner well. Ask about his or her sexual practices  and learn to say no to practices you discern to be harmful to your health.
In conclusion, sexuality is a gift from God and must be valued the same with your life. Personal responsibility for health, good decision making, and precautions are key (Manduri, 2010) in living an invigorating and exhilarating life.  Be responsible to your actions. Think before you act. Since AIDS is an incurable disease, extra precautions are necessary.


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