Hazardous Waste Disposal Project Proposal

People are normally presented with the term waste, garbage or dump, making these words familiar and easily understood. Not all people, however, are familiar with hazardous waste. Many even associate this term for garbage or wastes that large commercial infrastructures generate. In truth, however, hazardous  wastes may also be found in individuals homes. People are not aware that a chunk of the trash they take out at night includes wastes that harm the environment more than they thought it does. For this reason, a hazardous waste disposal project is being proposed. This project is to involve not only the entire community as a whole, but the individual families in the neighborhood. This project aims to help in the reduction of hazardous waste in the community and aid in the worlds effort  to slow down climate change. The project plans to get its funds in the form of solicitation from both private and government sectors. The mission of this proposal does not only concern the environment but also the improvement of the society. It aims to develop camaraderie and cooperation among community members until such time that even without the guidance of the organization, out of initiative, people will work for the reduction of hazardous waste.

Disposal means
The beginning of the project is an education stage in which an event will be held for the benefit of all the community members. In this event, there will be a lecture about hazardous wastes and a list of typical household materials that turn out to be hazardous wastes will be distributed. Through this list, the people will have an idea of which items they should replaced or not use anymore. The list may include aerosols,  antibacterial products, and even innocent-looking batteries.

After the information dissemination comes the strategy to dispose the harmful wastes. The first part of this stage is providing garbage cans outside homes in which people may drop the wastes identified within hazardous category. These garbage cans will then be emptied by trucks which can accommodate harmful wastes. These trucks will come at a regular schedule to collect the hazardous wastes and take them to legitimate dump sites where they my be tended and treated as necessary.

The project was deliberately made simple in order to ensure that not much funds will be necessary. However, as there will be trucks and garbage cans to provided, as well as people to do the job regularly money will be necessary. In line with this, the organization plans to coordinate with both public and private sectors in order to get enough funds for the project. The organization will coordinate with the Environmental Protection Agency and will solicit grants for the project. Apart from grants, the organization also plans to propose a cooperative agreement just to be able to have the necessary funds for the project. The grant may be in the form of solid waste grant or a consolidated grant which will also help provide money for other projects concerning other forms of elements (Environmental Protection Agency, 2010). Apart from this, non- government organizations working for the improvement of the environment will also be coordinated with for  any form of help they may provide for the success of the project.

This project will be a joint project between the city organization and the entire community. People must keep in mind that no matter how many projects proposed will not work as planned if the people involved will not cooperate. Thus, the project wishes  to that people open their minds to the current state of the environment to see the importance of this project not only to the organization or the community but also in their individual lives.

Discussion questions
Do you agree with the strict protective standards

I believe that the stringent standards are only necessary to keep the project successful. However, this stringency should not extend to the point that local organizations needing funds for a project will not be granted. It is necessary that the standards is parallel with what the organizations can provide realistically. It is important that the EPA give consideration to the organizations needs and base the rules and standards on these.

Because of limited funding, how will you prioritize which sites should be cleaned up first To what extent should these locations be cleaned up

I will prioritize on the site near New York and New Jersey. I believe these places need more attention as more waste is generated by these states. However, given the limited funding, all actions as regards the disposal of hazardous wastes in this area should be simple and carefully planned. The actions will be simple but I will make sure that all hazardous wastes will be carefully disposed of. Definitely more wastes will come, however, the clean up project will be made continuous in order to maintain the desired outcome.

Are there any Superfund sites nearby where you or your relatives live Were you aware of these locations before this assignment

I have relatives in many of the superfund sites. But, prior to this assignment I had no idea they live in a place where hazardous wastes  are disposed of. This caused partly anxiousness on my part as I know the extent of the effects of hazardous wastes to human health. However, I believe that the stringent rules of the sites and their careful handling will keep my love ones safe from any form of harm that may be caused by the existence of hazardous waste dump site within their location.


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