Florida Superfund Site

There are lot of zones in the country which can be attributed as the most polluted. The Norwest 58th Street land fill was one of them in this paper you will observe the hazards it created and how authorities over a period of time brought their plan into action and cleaned up the superfund site.

Superfund program
Since the dawn of civilization, man has been gnawing the earths resources with great acceleration. With each step of development, we have meticulously depleted earths resources and have contaminated it to the most horrible levels.  Today in the United States of America, we have superfund sites, which are notably the most contaminated sites in the country.
To understand the complete meaning of a superfund site we must understand the primary consequence of the site. This is the place where families see their homes getting destroyed and we can also see small business getting lost without any fault of theirs. The Superfund program is in factual terms the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability act, which comprehends waste sites as well as those sites which get doomed due to accidental spills or releases of high decree pollutants into the milieu.
The superfund program is a partnership between the state and federal departments of the country. Their core objective is to eradicate and control these polluted sites. The initial financing for these operations is done mainly by the federal blocks, but the state has to bear a certain percentage for these cleanups. However the basic function of the program is to remedy the adversity as early as possible. Once the site is cleared of its prime concern, the cost of the maintenance of the particular site is the sole responsibility of the state. The fact that there is an absence to send these programs for a review in the federal department makes the state take more interesting steps for the cleanup.

The following will exhume the characters of a superfund program
There are procedures for emergency response actions and more concern is laid on the permanent remedy for the problem
There are active provisions for a cleanup fund and for recommendation analysis.
The authorities make the parties responsible for the concern to pay for the studies and site recommendations
There is staff hired to manage state funded remedy and implement remedy
Encouragement for public participation becomes crucial for decision making (Environment law Institute. Page 13. 2001)

Norwest 58th Street Landfill
 Florida State has its own share of superfund sites. These locations are marked by the states as the most hazardous and polluted locations of Florida. The Norwest 58th Street Landfill is one such site that has had decades of contamination. This site is a belt of 660 acres located in Hialeah. For three decades from 1952 to 1982, it was a marked municipal landfill site. On intricate analysis, it was found that 65 of the waste had its origins from industrial and domestic fronts. The remaining 35 of the waste were mainly sourced from liquid wastes, appliances and automobiles. The site was also given more waste from Miami Dade water and sewer authority water treatment facilities. These departments filled the site with calcium carbonate sludge and squashed rocks. The site has received one of the worst quantity wastes in its zone. The site started off accepting waste at 60,000 tons but by the end of the 3rd decade it was reaching up to one million ton every year.
Since this site was a landfill, not many thought were given on the load of waste it would be give. From industrial to domestic, everything and anything was dumped with no concerns of its possible future effects. Its worse effect came into play when it started polluting the only water reserve, because it was located below the landfill. The land got highly contaminated with arsenic, chromium, zinc and even benzene. The pollution went so high that vinly chloride was analyzed from the ground water below the site.

Norwest 58th Street Landfill cleanup plan
After 1982, the landfill was only accumulating construction debris, and major contaminating wastes were not dropped at the site. The plan was to effectuate all the remedy for the people living nearby. The plan firstly closed the land fill and provided water to inhabitants living close to the landfill. Complete monitoring of the ground water was chalked out along with legitimate plans to control odor. The plan also consisted of cover inspections and maintenance of the site at an absolute level.

Norwest 58th Street Landfill cleanup effect
The Florida state painstaking brought the remedy to the site. After fulfilling promises of provision of municipal water to residents, the process of covering up the landfill begin in 1991. It took nearly four more years just o complete close the entire landfill. A multiple set of five year plans were brought into existence to maintain the remedy and to oversee the complete entire maintenance operation. Today the area has seen the return of a majority of endangered animals and the state is planning to create a fifteen field soccer complex in a portion of the landfill.


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