Why people refute the notion of evolution

The Darwinian theory of evolution has for long acted as the keystone of modern science which has been accepted by the scientific fraternity for more than one and half centuries. Majority of the population in the United States, according to Sampson (2005), believe that the theory is supported by evidence whereas others believe that living things have existed the way they are presently since the beginning of time. This brings about a profound disconnection between scientists and the general public. Tutors and academic experts blame this educational tragedy on religious right. Endeavors to enlighten the general public concerning biological evolution have long gone through an extreme crisis of significance of religious influence, a crisis which continues unabated. Even for people who acknowledge its authenticity, evolution is widely regarded as a historical process containing concepts that have little if any meaning on human beings, let alone the future of earths multiplicity. This failure, as asserted by Sampson (2005), in education is complicated by factors such as long history of disintegration and compartmentalization on academia leaving people with a space between two significant ideas evolution and creation.

Evolution as well as creation theory of life are the major points of controversy in this issue. Many people believe that evolution theory is based on scientific aspects. These people believe that evolution is a theory supported by research findings of science, whereas creation is perceived as a belief based on faith. Opponents however, claim that research findings do not support the evolution theory. Opponents of this theory allege that findings over the last 20 years or so clearly contradict the primary assumptions of this theory. They state that this theory cannot be used to explain life. Opponents acknowledge the presence of a divine creator who is the source of all life.

Anti-Darwinisms are mostly religious people who believe in God. They claim that the human mind cannot be tested using any form of scientific apparatus developed so far. Darwins theory tends to establish a fact that the universe existed and developed without God. Science according to opponents cannot be used to disprove the presence of God. They believe that life proceeds from God and there is nothing like evolution or life without God.

Darwinism theory according to opponents does not provide a good rational description of how life began in the first place, how new life forms come into being and where the universe originated from. This theory also does not offer a logical reason why at some instances in the geological record a variety of explosions occurred. Opponents argue that this theory is therefore incomplete. They state that the question about life and its origin is beyond the capability of human mind and therefore Darwinism cannot provide an explanation. Proponents of evolution cannot give logical theories that explain evolution. They cannot also show natural mechanisms which can lead to development of new designs and evolve new living things. Proponents have also been unable to reveal a process of genetic which can evolve a new thing. Opponents of evolution theory claim that there exists no evidence to prove that the assumed evolution of all life actually occurred. Yahya (2003), states that people also come to reject evolution as a sense of distinctiveness and belonging to a crowd that has a non-logical anti-evolutionally code of belief as an element of their social toolkit. They refute the science behind evolution because it challenges a set of beliefs they uphold as distinguishing aspects of their tribe.


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