Organizational Issues Safety Culture and the Human-Centered Process

Safety Culture
Considering that one is working for an insulation installation company, it must be understood that there are several safety issues related to ones job. One issue which can be seen is the issue of whether the employees of the insulation installation company are properly trained. It could be said that if they are not properly trained, they could pose harm to themselves and to their clients, for the insulation they install may be weak or faulty.

Another issue is whether the employees are properly briefed about safety measures whenever they are on their job. It is important that the company is encouraging employees to protect themselves whenever they are working, since installation safety is very important into ensuring that the employees are not exposed to potential hazards. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor (2010), installation workers can experience quite a number of illnesses and injuries from their jobs, since their work involves exposure to insulating irritants. Also, another safety issue would be whether the employees are provided with the proper equipment, as well as the proper protection devices in order to prevent or minimize the negative effects of their exposure to the irritants. This is necessary because, as said in the previous paragraph, exposure may cause illnesses.

Amongst these issues, the most vital would be the issue regarding whether the employees are properly briefed on safety measures. It must be understood that if the employees are not properly briefed, they might experience accidents or perhaps contract illnesses due to the nature of their work. If this issue would be viewed using the functionalism approach, it could be said that the company needs to do communicate safety measures to its employees because the company is not really a company without its employees. The functionalism approach states that all aspects of society should work together in order to properly function in analogy to the insulation installation company, all of its aspects employees included should work together in order to meet the common goal.

Elements of the Human-Centered Design
The human-centered design is described as the process of the ensuring that the values, perceptions, and concerns in a certain  design effort are all balanced and taken into consideration. While user-centered design focuses on a the primary stakeholder in the design effort, the human-centered process is more focused on every single stakeholder in the design. It is suggested that the success (or failure) of a design, a product, or a service is largely dependent not merely on one individual. Other team players, such as those involved in the  process of design, development, fielding, and ongoing use of products and services  also have a lot of influence on the probable outcome.

Given this information, it could be said that the various individuals whom are part of the processes are among the most important elements for the design of a system, or perhaps a product such as consumer technology. However, apart from the individuals themselves, there are other essential elements to the human-centered process.

Another essential element is that human-centered design should enable the enhancement of human abilities. The ultimate end, of course, is to create a product for consumers however, in order to be able to do such, the human-centered design must be able to enhance humans abilities in order this goal to be met. Another essential element is that the human-centered design should be able to help  overcome human limitations such as the human weakness of making mistakes. This element states that it is inevitable for humans to make mistakes therefore, the human-centered process should be able to lessen, if not completely eliminate this weakness. Lastly, the human-centered process should be able to  foster human acceptance. In order for organizations or companies to be able to design systems for consumer products, they must be able to make it absolutely clear, that all parts of the elements of the human-centered design process is vital to striving towards success.


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